Sopapilla 3.99
Fried corn tortilla with honey cinnamon and butter with lettuce and sour cream.

Cheesecake 3.99

Chimichanga fried banana 4.99

Sopapilla with ice cream 4.99

Fried ice cream 4.25

Flan mexican custard 3.99

Choco taco 2.99

Cookies & cream truffle 4.25
Cookies and cream ice cream enrobed in dark chocolate with dark chocolate drizzle.

Strawberry cheesecake 4.25
Strawberry cheesecake ice cream enrobed in white chocolate and darck chocolate drizzle.

Peanut butter truffle 4.25
Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter swirls and pieces enrobed in milk chocolate.

Chocolate chip mint truffle 4.25
Mint chocolate ice cream with fudge center enrobed in dark chocolate with dark chocolate drizzle

Spumoni truffle 4.25
Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and pistachio ice cream with cherry & almond cemter, enrobed in dark chocolate with green drizzle.

Amaretto nut truffle 4.25
Amaretto ice cream rolled in almonds and chocolate chips.

Prices are subject to change without previous notice.